Reaper Pedals


Shipping and Warranty
All prices on the website is mentioned excluding VAT, for EU buyers VAT is added during checkout with 25%.
Shipping costs is calculated during checkout.
From now on I will only ship with insured and trackable shipping for everybodys safety including my own, a tracking number will be sent as soon as the order is shipped.
Pedals in stock usually ships within within a few days and for custom builds I would say anything from 2-8 weeks. Special builds may take longer. Times may vary depending on the current que, I’m a one man business and unfortunately I have only one pair of hands after all!

Reaper Pedals comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner of a pedal. I keep track of all the past orders so fraud isn't possible. Mechanical hardware such as footswitches, potentiometers, jacks do have a specific lifespan in terms of cycles and is not covered by warranty after a period of 2 years from date of purchase.

Under which circumstances is your pedal under warranty?
Pedal suddenly stops working
Faulty components fail
Faulty hardware fails

Under which circumstances is your pedal NOT under warranty?
Wrong power supply used
Obvious abuse
Any tinkering with the circuit
Remember that if you attempt to repair or mod your pedal, do so at your own risk because you're voiding the warranty. If your pedal is still under warranty, you will need to ship it to my location using registred shipping and cover the cost.
I will repair it for free and ship it back to you. If your pedal is not under warranty, you will have to ship the pedal to my location and pay for registred shipping as well as the parts and labor involved in the repair and shipping back.

How do i power my pedal?
With a regular “Boss” adapter, in other words any 9V DC that has a negative center and delivers enough mA, usually a 250mA adapter is enough. None of my builds features a battery option for two reasons 1} The environment doesn't need more batterys to be taken care of then what's necessary 2} In my opinion a pedal should be powered properly with a stable 9V source.
If you really want option for a battery you could ask if it’s possible in that specific pedal when ordering.
There's also times when I include a built in "voltage doubler" that makes a pedal run on 18V from a 9V source for extra headroom, in these cases it's extra important not to use more then a 9V source or else components are likely to be fried.

Who are you guys anyway?
There's no guys really, it's just me alone, Jimmie.
Pedals are handmade in the northern/middle part of Sweden in a small village called Njutånger outside Hudiksvall. I'm a guitarplayer myself and have also played in a couple of bands, most notable I was a founding member of the band Vildhjarta.

How and when do i pay for my order?
Payment is normally done at checkout by using Stripe and credit cards such as VISA and Master Card. Bank Wire Transfer is also possible by sending me an email to set an order up.
For custom orders and so on I usually want payment in advance. I will also need your email to send you an invoice.

Where can i try Reaper Pedals?
At dealers as soon as I have time to get a few of them!
At your home after buying one.
At a booth if I ever decide to make some promotion.
Or you could watch my or others demos on Youtube as well as search for a used one on the common sites.

Will you do endorsements or give me a free pedal?
Probably not, I do have endorsers but those are ones that I personally have choosen to work with. If you really really think you have what it takes, feel free to contact me. Listed artists have bought pedals from me as well and you should also have in mind that I’m a one man business. There will be some give-aways at Instagram so make sure you follow me there!

How do I get in contact with your for more questions?
If you have any additional questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at info@reaperpedals.com.